The beer labels

About my collection

Why to collect beer labels ?
- Because it is a collection easy to realize
- Because you can discover a few beers that you do not even supps !!

My collection count actualy end september 2022 :
- 4335 belgian labels
- 3903 from other countries

With 3000 breweries (in activities or missing) within Belgium, there is still much research to be carried out.

1. This collection only includes the labels that are really in my owned

2. It is categorized by regions and breweries at the time of publication of the label and does not account for all subsequent mergers.

3. Some breweries brew beers for the wholesalers, brotherhoods, associations, etc.. It is not always easy to find the original brewery. Therefore the label is classified under the name of the third.

4. A label does not mean a beer, indeed brewers can market the same beer with different labels and even under the name of a different brewery.

5. Each label is unique and sometimes has only little difference from a similar one

Collection of Belgian brewery labels.... (and other countries)

This site aims to present to you my collection of labels. It is still in development and full day by day...

Don't hesitate to come and see it from time to time.

The goal is not to create a site on beer, there are plenty on the internet, but to make you discover the graphics of the labels. Sober, distinguished, vulgar or whatever, they are there to seduce us

If you wish to make an exchange (labels or coasters) let me a mail via the menu CONTACT

Some infos to be found in the wording of labels ...

White, Blond, Brown, Double, Triple, Quadruple, Ale, IPA, Lager, Premium,... ?
The beer is very complex. The four main ingredients that compose it are: water, malt (from the fermentation of barley), hops and bitterness that gives the yeast. Brewers often add other ingredients to get a particular flavor. These ingredients give taste and color degrees of alcohol beer. The type of beer varies depending on the components used in the manufacture.

What do we find on the label ?

The main themes found in the illustration labels are:

  • the ingredients in beer
  • the monks
  • Christmas landscapes
  • scenes of humor
  • landscape of the place of the brewery
  • ...

Vidange 1941

By Ministerial Decree of 25 November 1941, the Brewers were forced to collect empty bottles. Marked 'vidange 1941' (vidange = returnable) on old labels reminded consumers the obligation bring back the bottles.

ancienne brasserie

ancienne brasserie

1920 - Br. De Keersmaeker (Asse)

ancienne brasserie