Les étiquettes de bière

Etiquettes d'Angleterre

Allied Breweries (Burton-upon-Trent)

Double Diamond

Double Diamond

Black Bull

Silver Jubilee Strong Ale

Silver Jubilee Strong Pale Ale

Alnwick Brewery (Alnwick)

Alnwick Brown Ale

Alnwick Export

Bass Brewery (Burton-upon-Trent)


Charrington - Barley Wine

Charrington Toby Best Pale Ale

Jubilee Stout

Pale Ale

Bass Pale Ale

Bass Pale Ale

Bass Pale Ale

Bass Pale Ale

Prize Medal

Shandy Bass

Devenish Brewery (Weymouth)

Devenish Green Top Pale Ale

Devenish Wessex Pale Ale

Donnington Brewery (Stow-On-The-Wold)

Brown Ale

Double Donn 264 ml

Double Donn

Jubilee Ale

Light Ale

Fuller Smith and Turner Brewery (Chiswick)

close en 2006

Fullers Light Ale

Pale Ale

London Porter

George Gales & Co Brewery (Horndean)

close en 2006

Tudor Pale Ale

Prize Old Ale

Nourishing Stout

Prize Old Ale

Nut Brown Ale

Hoskins Brewery (Leicester)

Hoskins Best Mild Ale

Hoskins Strong Ale

John Bull Brewery (Burton-Upon-Trent)

John Bull Beer 1

John Bull Beer

King & Barnes Brewery (Horsham)

J. K. Lager

Old Ale

Sussex Bitter

J. W. Lees Brewery (Manchester)

Edelbrau Diät Pils

Lees Brown Ale

Marston's Brewery (Burton-On-Trent)

Light Ale

Pedigree Bitter

Double Drop

Morland Brewery (Abingdon)

Brown Ale

Old Speckled Hen

Ridleys Brewery (Chelmsford)

Bishops Ale

Brown Ale

Light Ale

Samuel Smith's Brewery (Tadcaster)

Extra Stout

Imperial Stout

Light Ale

Nut Brown Ale

Oatmeal Stout

Old Brewery Pale Ale

Old Brewery Strong Pale Ale

Pure Brewed Lager

Strong Golden

Taddy Brown Ale

Scottish Brown Ale

Shepherd Neame (Faversham)


Sun Lik Beer

Bisshops Finger

Theakston Brewery (Masham)

Old peculier

Prince Of Ales

Whitbread (London)

Whitbread - Gold Label

Whitbread - Gold Label

Whitbread - Silver Jubilee Ale

Whitbread Extra Stout

Whitbread Extra Stout

Whitbread Extra Stout

Whitbread Pale Ale

Whitbread Pale Ale

Whitbread Pale Ale

Whitbread Pale Ale

Young's Brewery (Wandsworth)

Young Old Nick 275 cl

Young Old Nick 275 cl

Young Old Nick 33 cl

Young's 150 Ale

Young's Brown Ale

Young's Lager

Young's Ram Rod

Young's Special Lodon Ale

Young's Strong Export Bitter

Silver Sovereign

Autres brasseries

Br. Hall and Woodhouse (Blandfort) - Badger Brown Ale

Br.Border (Wrexham) - Royal Wrexham

Br. Brakspear & Son (Henley-On-Thames) - Henley Pale Ale

Cobra Beer Partnership Ltd. (Burton-Upon-Trent) - Cobra Premium Beer


Br. Eldridge Pope (Dorchester) - Goldie

Federation Brewery - Stout

Northen Federation Brewery - Jubilee Lager

Br. Giggs, Mew & Co (Salisbury) - Giggs Pale Ale

Br. Hook Norton (Hook Norton) - Jubilee Strong Ale

Br. The Lion (Oxford) - Morells Light Oxford Ale

Br. Mac's Mullen (Hertford) - Mac's Brown

Br. Oldham (Oldham) - Old Dom

Br. Ringwood (Ringwood) - Old Thumper

Sainsbury's - Biere d'Alsace 2

Sainsbury's - Biere d'Alsace

Br. Simpkiss (Brierley Hill) - Extra Bitter Specal

Br. Hydes (Salford) - Anvil Stout

Samlesbury Silver Special

Harrods 1849 Premium Lager

Br. Thornbridge (Bakewell) - Halcyon

Wychwood Brewery Co (Witney) - Hobgoblin