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Christmas beer labels

Christmas beer is a tradition that dates back to the time when did not master brewer the preservation of their raw materials. Before welcoming the new crop, brewers of northern Europe used all their reserves of barley and hops for making beer to be consumed at the end of the year. It was a beer ale, strong and dense, rich in raw materials. It was traditionally offered to employees and good customers as gifts. Currently, this tradition has given birth to a beer only available in December.

Br. Allard (Guignies) - Spéciale Noël

Br. Brunehaut (Rongy) - Blanche de Charleroi Spéciale fete 75cl

Br. Caulier (Péruwelz) - Bon Secours Blonde de Noël

Br. De Silenrieux (Silenrieux) - Noël de Silenrieux

Br. Des Fagnes (Mariembourg) - Super des Fagnes Chrismas

Br. De Smedt (Opwijk) - Abbaye d'Aulne Super Noël

Br. Du Bocq (Purnode) - Regal Chrismas

Br. Du Bocq (Purnode) - Blanche de Noël

Br. Dubuisson (Pipaix) - Bush de Noël

Br. Dubuisson (Pipaix) - Bush de Noël

Br. Friart (Le Roeulx) - Cuvée de Noël 1

Br. Friart (Le Roeulx) - Cuvée de Noël 2

Br. Friart (Le Roeulx) - Cuvée de Noël 3

Br. Friart (Le Roeulx) - Cuvée de Noël

Br. Friart (Le Roeulx) - Cuvée de Noël 2013

Br. Huyghe (Melle) - Delirium Chrismas

Delirium Chrismas

Br. John Martin (Genval) - Gordon Xmas

Br. Abbaye de Leffe (Dinant) - Leffe de Noël

Abbaye du Val-Dieu (Aubel) - Biere de Noel

/Br. St Bernard (Watou) - St Bernardus Christmas Ale

Br. De Silly (Silly) - Enghien Noël Triple Blonde

Br. Corsendonk (Turnhout) - Chrismas Ale

Br. Crombé (Zottegem) - Christmas-Beer

Br. Het Anker (Mechelen) - Carolus Christmas

Br. Van Roy (Wieze) - Kriek

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